When I Remember This by David & Maria Kelly

What kind of God can do miracles…but chooses to allow suffering?

The doctors had left David with no hope.  The family was scared.  They told Maria she may need to flee from her mentally ill husband.  David, on the other hand, planned to take his own life.

God had other plans.

When it was all said and done, and after all they miracles they had witnessed, one question remained.  Why does God allow people to suffer when He has the power to stop it?

This book is a true story of hope, and God’s faithfulness.

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When I Remember This

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“If anyone doubts that God is real, or that he still hears us, they should read this book.  It’s a story of Biblical proportions in our own day and time.”  
Jarod Osborne – Pastor, Author of Jaded Faith

“Common wisdom from therapists and professionals would have been that David and Maria’s situation was hopeless and that Maria should have moved on and made a life for herself and her children.  But, that would have destroyed their marriage and family and would have short-changed the moving of God in their lives.  This story is about commitment, perseverance, and deep faith in a God who can do real miracles and transform lives.  You will be inspired by this true story of incredible divine grace and profound love between two people.”  
Daniel Poff, Ph.D., CPCC – Associate Professor of Leadership Studies and Life Coach

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